Alphabet practice is essential for little learners of all abilities. I loved making this cute and fun coloring pack to help you introduce letters and beginning sounds to your kiddos. This resource is perfect for engaging your preschool and kindergarten students!

This alphabet coloring pack is perfect for early childhood. Students have fun coloring big and bold pictures. There are two pictures/pages for each letter of the alphabet. The clipart in this pack is phenomenal! This resource focuses on beginning letters and letter sounds. The corresponding word is spelled using bubble letters underneath each picture. Kiddos can color the letters in the word too!

This pack is all about the alphabet and beginning letter sounds. It is perfect for pre-school. As you teach a letter, students can color the matching printable. Students get to practice their coloring skills – while also being exposed to a bit of text! Early childhood homeschoolers will also find this pack helpful. If you teach kindergarten, you might be able to use this toward the beginning of the year. Completing a coloring sheet can also be used as a ‘reward’ or for early finishers.

Check out this alphabet coloring pack in action...
Included in this pack:

There are 52 NO PREP printable pages in this packet in all, 2 pages for each letter of the alphabet. Vowels include a page for both short and long vowel sounds.

Words Include: astronaut, airplane, boat, bear, cake, cat, duck, donut, elephant, eagle, fairy, fence, goat, glue, helicopter, hippo, insect, island, jam, jacket, kettle, king, lamp, lock, mushroom, milk, night, necklace, olive, oatmeal, penguin, pumpkin, queen, quilt, raccoon, rocket, socks, sun, turtle, tent, unicorn, umbrella, vase, volcano, web, window, xylophone, x-ray, yak, yarn, zebra, and zoo.

If you like what you see, go check it out on TPT!
Click on the picture below to find this pack on Teachers Pay Teachers.
These printables were a blast to make – I love making things for early childhood. More to come!


LMNO Peas by Keith Baker – Not Your Average Alphabet Book

LMNO Peas by Keith Baker is the perfect alphabet book to use with your kindergarten and first grade students. As an added bonus – this simply story about peas gets students thinking about more than just their ABC’s!
This has to be one of the most adorable alphabet books I’ve seen. Who doesn’t love a story told by peas? Each letter of the alphabet is beautifully illustrated using peas – alphabet peas – going about their business in a variety of career and life pursuits. For example, letter B peas are builders, bathers, and bikers. Did I mention some of the peas are wearing hats? It’s almost too much.

One of the best parts about this alphabet book – besides the peas, of course – is the fact that you can get two lessons out of one book! Score! Naturally, you can use it to practice the ABC’s and alphabet sounds. But if you’re loving this book like I am, it also works wonderfully as an about me activity where students have the opportunity to think about their dreams, goals, and ambitions for the future.

We’re unique - one of my favorite pages and illustrations from LMNO Peas by Keith Baker.

“We are peas from A to Z. Now tell us, please...” The last page of the story offers up a question: Who Are You?

What a perfect springboard into a “getting to know me” writing activity! Click the image below to download this handy writing prompt freebie! Give students time to think and write about a future “pea persona” they see themselves taking on. Then, students illustrate their blank pea accordingly.

Have students share their writing, or turn the finished pages into a class book! You could even take the extra step and make a class alphabet book. Assign each student a different letter of the alphabet to use for his or her page. Another added bonus – you have a brilliant read-aloud book for after lunch.

Have you all noticed that there seems to be a lot of lessons and activities starring these funny, little green “peas” floating around lately? Do you use anything related to “peas” in your classroom?

Happy teaching!

Staying Organized

It’s clear to see from the post below this one that it’s been, ahem, quite a while since I’ve updated my blog. Well this God is my witness...I am going to blog. Seriously though - I’m making it my goal this year to keep up with it! First things first: I want to tell you about this cool organization pack I just made. It was a lot of work but I finally finished it last week!

Check out this Classroom Organization Pack on TPT! The theme – which is really more of a color scheme – on this pack is called Super Sassy. It’s one of three themes I currently have in my store. I am, however, addicted to making stuff like this in different color schemes so look out for more! I also did some experimenting with taking pictures of my products for the first time. 
These letters look super cute! There are four different color choices for almost everything in the pack so you can mix and match to your taste, but still have everything coordinate! I printed these nifty letters in green and zebra and they are super fun – also perfect for your kiddos to practice the alphabet or for labeling just about anything in alphabetical order.
The pack is also stuffed to the brim with classroom labels. I tried to include every label I could possibly think of, going a little overboard at times I’m sure. There are labels for your classroom – like door, window, desk, etc. - that are perfect for developing literacy skills. There are also tons of labels so that you and your students can stay organized all year long. And let’s face it; we all know that staying organized is the tricky part. Keep your student supplies, math manipulatives, and even your science stuff organized! Many labels come both with picture cues and with text only. This container came from that lovely dollar section at Target that all too often gets the best of me.

I included the chalkboard style background on some of the labels because I am obsessed with the way it looks! But everything comes with a white background as well - like these adorable sharp and dull pencil cups!
And one of my favorite parts – the classroom schedule!

I took a picture of one of the many ways you can configure the schedule. It comes with both blank analog and digital clocks and the subjects come in several colors. One set of subjects even has picture cues from and

Anyway, I could go on and on there is so much included! Check it out for yourself on TPT for a complete list with dimensions. 

And now for a little Freebie! Click the right hand/left hand poster picture below to download the two posters for FREE! This is just a short but sweet sample from the Organization Pack. In the pack, these helpful posters also come in zebra print with a blue border.
Whew! That was fun! Hopefully I will stick to my goal of blogging more this year. In the meantime, I’m still in classroom organization mode, so look out for more colorful organization tools for your own classroom on TPT